TEOS API consumers can create invoice to get digital record for agreed obligation of payment and pay invoice to fulfil this obligation. Invoice is a time-stamped digital record for a payment agreement made between two parties.

Invoice object has following structure:

    "Id": "C0D34D73-6FD3-40F2-A7E1-08D9412448F7",
    "Status": "Open",
    "UniqueAssetId": "0x096d45a5c311f13c97fca0001",
    "DesiredAmount": "100000",
    "TargetAddress": "0x0972b2d2a189225e6bbe8680283e5c62c2309819",
    "SenderAddress": "0x0972b2d2a189225e6bbe8680283e5c62c2309819",
    "Description": "string",
    "CreatedBy": "37514BE7-D096-4BB8-95DA-EDB03B723BB2",
    "CreatedOn": "2022-05-06 13:28:57.990",
    "UpdatedOn": "2022-05-06 13:28:57.990",
    "DueOn": "2022-05-06 13:28:57.990",
    "TransactionId": "C0D34D73-6FD3-40F2-A7E1-08D9412448F7"

Main properties description:

  • UniqueAssetId – unique asset id of the asset that is used for payment within the invoice

  • DesiredAmount – amount of the asset in sparks

  • TargetAddress – wallet address defined during invoice creation, this address will receive the paid DesiredAmount of UniqueAssetId sparks

  • SenderAddress - wallet address which pays the invoice

  • TransactionId - transaction which is created and associated with current invoice when invoice payment is triggered

  • DueOn - due date for invoice validity, after this date invoice status will be changed to Expired

  • Description (optional) - any comment provided by invoice creator

Invoice status model

  • Open – invoice is created with this default status

  • Processing - transaction for transferring sparks was created

  • Paid - TEOS API automatically checks whether the invoice is paid by corresponding transfer transaction, if there is a related successfully resulted transaction for transferring sparks and amount is not less than stated in desiredAmount, status is set to “Paid”

  • Expired – TEOS API automatically checks whether currentDate >= dueDate of invoices with state “Open”, as soon as the condition is met, status is changed to “Expired”

  • Cancelled – this status is set when TEOS API gets corresponding request

  • Failed - this status is automatically set when transaction for transferring sparks fails

Invoice operations

TEOS user can create invoice (invoice data such as uniqueAssetId, desiredAmount, targetAddress and dueDate has to be provided as an input)

TEOS user can retrieve invoice details by an array of invoiceIds. Set of required details and filters can be defined within request based on OData query concept.

TEOS user can cancel invoice by invoiceId – status of Invoice is set to “Cancelled”

TEOS user can pay invoice. This initiates a Transfer or WARP transaction for invoice payment:

  • Transfer - a desired amount of sparks are transferred from sender to the target address

  • WARP execution - user searches for possible WARPs, chooses the preferred one (if any are found), takes its data needed for the invoice payment (InputAmount and SupplyIds) and pays the invoice

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