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Steps to get started with the TEOS API and info to read while waiting for your tenant.

We are working on introducing a fully automated flow for setting up a new tenant, which will require a lot of configuration questions to be answered right at the start. Until this is in place, we're happy to offer you the care and support of one of our CoreLedger managers who help customers find the right answers.

In order to start building your apps with the TEOS API a few steps need to be taken:

  1. Make sure you have a contract signed with CoreLedger and have filled out the customer's questionnaire to provide a set of starting configurations. If you don't have a signed contract yet, please use this form to request a meeting with a manager to onboard you. While being onboarded, you will be asked several questions to define the configuration you need. We will need the following information: - The blockchain network on which your solution is going to run (SparkNet private blockchain, SparkNet shared blockchain, Ethereum Mainnet) and type of assets you need (FT, NFT) - Which environments are needed right away (dev&testing and/or productive) - The set of TEOS platform components you will need besides the TEOS API (check what the TEOS platform offers on the CoreLedger website) - Name of the tenant

  2. After you've provided all the necessary info to set up your first tenant, we will create it for you. We will also deliver your API key via a trustworthy communication channel if requested for your setup.

  3. As soon as you have your tenant ready, you can start developing your application by trying out TEOS API functionality using Postman examples. We recommend starting by creating your first transaction. You can check the flow in Transaction creation and submission

While you're waiting for your tenant to be prepared, we invite you to start exploring the TEOS API with the following topics:

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