Non-versioned changes

These changes are relevant for all versions with corresponding functionality
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September, 2023

  • We've introduced some performance optimisation in our components to speed up Asset creation process with POST /Assets

June, 2023

  • Now customized tenant-specific Terms and Conditions and Data Policy can be accepted by the user already when registering to the system if tenant setup with TEOS Authentication service is used. To use this feature, tenant admin must provide either link to the page with project's T&C and Data Policy published somewhere else or provide HTML files with T&C and Data Policy to the CoreLedger manager.
  • We've made some changes in our monitoring system. Now we'll get the info in case of some problems in the system components faster.



  • Ether distribution mechanism in TEOS Platform for private blockchains now works for the addresses added to TEOS API with API key. Read more
  • New Sign up flow is introduced using TMS for the case when TEOS API is used with TEOS Authentication service (user token is used to call TEOS API). Read more
  • TEOS Authentication service accepts only email during login process (usernames are not accepted)


Fixed bugs

  • Now you can use the wallets which were created in other TEOS API components to retrieve and submit signed transactions with TEOS API (functionality is available in v0.8)
  • We eliminated the problem with counting the amount of requests performed by one tenant (throttling)