TEOS API references

Check Versioning concept and Authentication to start trying out TEOS API

Common request parameters

Most of the TEOS API calls require the authentication header: Bearer token.

OData query builder syntax can be used for most of the TEOS API requests, swagger documentation provides explicitly the info about the methods that are already odata-compatible, and which are not.

Please note that TEOS API is case-sensitive. Pay attention to the upper/lower-case usage within request data

Please note that starting from v0.5 the API object referencing using "resource/key" style is deprecated

Examples of TEOS API calls

Test scripts made for postman can be found in TEOS API Github Repository. Contact CoreLedger support if you don't have access to it.

Asynchronous processing of OData Actions and writing verbs

All changes to the blockchain state take more time than the usual synchronous request timeouts allow. Therefore, according to OData Standard Point 11.6, all exposed actions and writing http verbs are executed asynchronously and return Code 202 Accepted with the transaction ID even when the client does not specify respond-async in the request.

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