An asset is something, that has a value and can be exchanged (e.g. product, service, raw materials, commodity, currency, …).

First the asset itself must be described properly, so that the customer knows what he is going to buy, what the terms are, and how he can claim/obtain the real good. He needs to know the expiry dates (think in this regard of non-durable goods such as fruits or goods, which have storage costs) and perhaps some restrictions.


The name of our company, providing you the White Label Marketplace (WLM).

Signing app

A smartphone app, to which the WLM Web app can push an unsigned transaction. The user can sign the transaction, which is subsequently broadcasted to the Ethereum network and will later appear in the WebGUI again. Also referred to as "TX.Mobile"


Spark is the generalized term for the smallest indivisible fraction of a digital asset (like one Satoshi is for Bitcoin or one Wei is for Ether). The number of Sparks needed to get one unit of measure (kilogram, liter, token) is up to the user to decide.


Can be compared to an offer. Someone (the owner of the supply record) offers asset Sparks (or unit of measure amount of asset) in exchange for other asset Sparks (or amount of its unit of measure) for a certain exchange rate.


UOM is the acronym for unit of measure. Every asset must have a unit of measure (e.g. kilogram, tons, liter etc.).


The White Label App (WLA) is a customizable mobile application, which serves as wallet as well as trading application to the users.


With the White Label Marketplace (WLM), business owners can tokenize, document, and trade assets conveniently, customizing the look and feel of the user interface to match their brand’s unique aesthetic.


The White Label Portal (WLP) is a customizable web application, which represents the bridge between Fiat and Digital assets for the users.

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