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App configuration

At the very beginning of WLA setup (when you order it from CoreLedger) you can define several characteristics of your future app which can't be changed without additional fee. They are listed in configuration-to-setup-the-app. All other configuration can be easily changed when your app already exists configuration-to-be-changed-when-the-app-already-exists

Configuration to setup the app (before the app is delivered)


WLA has several modules. You can decide which of them you need for the app and which - not. By default we include all modules we have. Read more about modules

Additional features of the modules

Some modules have optional functionality which is listed below. If our default settings meet your needs, you can omit setting them, but if you want them to be defined in another way, let your CoreLedger manager know how default settings must be changed. Please, note that when the app is delivered to you, these settings can be changed only as a service request (billed separately).

Core module

  • Let user enable additional authentication check when the app needs user's signature Enable the possibility to make the signing flow more secure for user: user can switch on the authentication check (pin code or biometrics based on the app settings) every time when signature is generated by the app. By default this feature is enabled

Wallets module

  • Let user copy seed words Enable the possibility to copy the seed words when the wallet is created. It's very sensitive information and we don't recommend to copy seed words, we recommend to write them down instead. But we've decided to let customers define how user friendly their app must be. By default this feature is enabled
  • Define the number of seed words This app parameter means how many words the seed of the wallet should have. By default we use 12 seed words which is secure enough, but you can set any amount which can be divided by 3 (3, 6, 12, etc)

Payment requests and invoices module

  • Let user pay payment request and invoice with other assets (make warp transfer) Enable the possibility to let users pay with other assets than the requested one in the payment request or in the invoice (warp transfer functionality of the TEOS Platform is used for this feature). From invoice owner perspective it will be still paid by desired asset, but in case there are supplies on the market which let exchange desired asset against user's assets, then invoice can be paid with warp transfer. By default this feature is enabled

Configuration when the app is already delivered

Most of the other configuration is done via the file called ui_config.v2.json in the root of the folder trading-app-configs in Azure blob storage container created specifically for your project by CoreLedger. The access to it is restricted to the list of your project members which you provide and also to your CoreLedger manager.
All configurations which can be done when app already exists are listed in subsections of this chapter.
Please, note that ui_config.v2.json file must be used to define WLA properties starting from v0.22 (you can find it in the blob storage). All previous versions used ui_config.v1.json file