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WLA version 0.22 (released in July, 2023)
New version v0.22 is available! Check what's new​
White Label Mobile App (WLA) is a customized mobile app which acts as blockchain wallet within TEOS and can be used for signing transactions, checking balances, creating and paying invoices, creating supplies and running trades.
TEOS platform is CoreLedger's main product, it allows companies to integrate blockchain technology into their business processes. Learn more about it and contact us​
While working with WLA, since it is the part of TEOS platform, you may also need to check the docs of other TEOS platform components:
Please be aware, that the following figures, assets and names might be different from your customized app.


If you need support, please, contact us: [email protected]

How to report an issue?

If you find an issue, please, report it in our github repository by clicking github icon in the top right corner
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